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Smooch and Rose pdf, epub, mobi

Smooch and Rose pdf, epub, mobi

Samantha Wheeler,: Smooch and Rose

Smooch and Rose


Like Gran always said, 'Things don't have to be big to be special.' When Rose and Gran save a baby koala from a pack of blood-hungry dogs, he's named Smooch because he loves to cuddle. With the help of wildlife carer Carol, Rose and her dog Lizzie look after Smooch until he is old enough to make the trees on their strawberry farm his home. Rose is deliciously happy - caring for bush babies is her dream come true! But things change for the worse when Gran gets a letter from the bank. Does this mean they have to sell the farm? Then Uncle Malcolm mentions bulldozers and Rose realises it's not just her home that's at stake. Rose has a voice and wants to make a difference but what can one girl and her koala do?

Goats aren't just for farmers anymore. More and more people are keeping goats as pets. They're also choosing to raise them for milk and fibre and are keeping them as pack goats, and companion animals. With minimal space and housing needs, goats are a practical choice for people with small backyards who want to enjoy some Smooch and Rose download ebook of the benefits and pleasures of keeping livestock. "The Backyard Goat" is a perfect resource for anyone looking to raise a goat or two for milk, fibre, or pleasure, this book covers all the essentials of goat ownership. Readers will get to know goats in chapters discussing goat anatomy, different breeds and their histories, and how to choose the right goat for every situation. They'll learn how to play and work with goats, using clicker training to teach them how to do simple tricks, pull and drive carts, and serve as pack goats. They'll learn how to care for their goats by providing proper housing, good nutrition, and a healthy environment. And they'll find specific chapters on milking, shearing, breeding, raising newborn kids, and more.

Author: Samantha Wheeler,
Number of Pages: 144 pages
Published Date: 01 Apr 2014
Publisher: University of Queensland Press
Publication Country: St Lucia, Australia
Language: English
ISBN: 9780702249860
Download Link: Click Here


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